Aqua Systems 2000 Inc.

Leaders in water management and control


Gerald Robinson, R.E.T.


Gerald is a co-founder of Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. and is the Langemann Gate Specialist. Gerald is instrumental in the design, development and marketing of all AS2I’s manufactured water control products.  Gerald has immense knowledge of the irrigation industry and is the driving force in AS2I’s business development.

Kenneth R. Craig, P.Eng.

Vice President of Engineering

Ken is the founder of Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. and is well versed in the irrigation industry.  He is proficient on Langemann Gates, LOPAC Gates and Screen Cleaners and has a keen knowledge of hydraulics. Ken has been the driving force behind the development and marketing of trash management products and technologies.

Chase Herder

Mechanical Engineer

Chase has taken on a leading role in the design and development of Screen Cleaners and LOPAC gates.  He is also plays a prominent role in Langemann gate mechanical design work.  He is proficient at Solid Works computer design and is well on his way to becoming mechanical team leader at Aqua Systems 2000 Inc..  Chase has a thirst for knowledge that has been invaluable as he has taken on his new role.

Jason Penney

Control Systems Programmer

 Jason is a control systems programmer and a valuable member of the team.  He is responsible for software development, equipment installation and trouble shooting of all Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. products.